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Balanced Being - Aromatherapy Bracelet - With Gong Meditation Audio File

Introducing the Balanced Being Aromatherapy Bracelet - your daily companion in finding calm and balance amidst the chaos of everyday life

Crafted with genuine lava stones known to promote grounding, this beautiful bracelet releases soothing aromas throughout the day, thanks to its porous material.

Simply add a few drops of essential oil to the beads and let the subtle aromatherapy take over

With every breath, you'll feel more grounded, centered, and in harmony with your surroundings

But that's not all - when you purchase the Balanced Being bracelet, you'll also get a free audio download of our popular Gong Bath meditation, as well as an eBook that explains what an aromatic anchor is and how to use it

Our Gong Bath meditation is a blissful journey of sound and vibration that transports you to a state of deep relaxation and reset

There is also a PDF download with a handy guide that helps you get the most out of your Balanced Being bracelet, with tips and tricks on how to use it as an aromatic anchor for stress relief and emotional balance

Ideal for those seeking natural ways to manage stress and anxiety, the Balanced Being bracelet is Perfect for work, play, or relaxation, it also makes a great gift for loved ones or yourself

Discover the power of nature's healing gems with the Balanced Being Aromatherapy Bracelet - order yours today and receive our exclusive bonuses!

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