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Tibetan Healing Engraved Bowl - 21cm - 7 Chakra & Flower of Life

Tibetan Healing Engraved Bowl - 21cm - 7 Chakra & Flower of Life

Embark on a spiritual journey of profound significance and holistic well-being with our Tibetan Healing Engraved Bowl - 7 Chakras & Flower of Life.


Crafted in the sacred Tibetan style, this bowl features the sacred symbols, offering a gateway to inner balance, spiritual alignment, and enlightenment. 


Handcrafted with deep reverence for Tibetan traditions, our Tibetan Healing Engraved Bowl is a testament to centuries of spiritual wisdom and insight.


It reflects the sacred artistry and dedication of Tibetan artisans. 

This bowl is adorned with a meticulously engraved representation of the 7 Chakras and the sacred Flower of Life.


These symbols enhance the meditation and healing practices, helping to balance the energy centres and connect with the universal life force. 


With a 21cm diameter, this bowl is an ideal size for meditation, sound healing, and spiritual rituals.


It serves as a powerful instrument for practitioners and seekers alike, facilitating a deeper connection to the Chakras and the universal energy. 


Searching for a meaningful and spiritually resonant gift? Our Tibetan Healing Engraved Bowl, featuring the 7 Chakras and the Flower of Life, is a thoughtful choice for individuals on a journey of self-discovery, meditation, and holistic well-being. 


Embark on a transformative odyssey and welcome the universal life force of the Chakras and the Flower of Life into your today


All singing bowls are crafted with care and authenticity. Often made by Tibetan monks in exile in India and Nepal. 


All are direct imports to ensure you receive genuine, handcrafted treasures straight from the source.


Please note: Due to the nature of these handcrafted products, sizes might slightly vary, but rest assured, every singing bowl carries its own unique charm.

  • Additional Information

    Origin  Nepal
    Net weight 1Kg /Tibetan Bowl
    Shipping weight 1Kg
    Dimensions 21x9 (cm)
    Materials / Ingredients Brass
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