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Temple String Bracelets - Protection & Fortune

Temple String Bracelets - Protection & Fortune

Wear this bracelet to attract good fortune and protection from evil.


Invite blessings of protection and fortune with captivating Temple String Bracelet - Protection & Fortune.


Handcrafted in Indonesia, this bracelet embodies the ancient wisdom of safeguarding energies and attracting abundance. Adorned with symbolic silver charm and beads, it serves as a talisman for prosperity and well-being.


Designed for universal wear, our bracelet is easily adjustable to accommodate wrists of all sizes, ensuring a comfortable and snug fit for everyone.


Each Temple String Bracelet - Protection & Fortune is packed in a blue paper bag with a short description of its intention:

This charm protects its wearer from the intense karmic harm done by evil thoughts and bad emotions.


Worn from the moment of birth in many cultures, this tiny but powerful piece of material is known to deflect negativity and eliminate it from your environment.


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