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Set of 70 Incense Smudge Bricks

Set of 70 Incense Smudge Bricks

Set of 70 Incense Smudge Bricks and Burner with 7 Earthy Himalaya incense fragrances.


This beautifully arranged set includes 10 premium incense bricks of each aroma, along with a stylish terracotta holder.


Immerse yourself in the rich scents inspired by the Himalayan mountains, each invoking a unique sense of calm and balance.


This set lets you explore the diverse aromas of the Himalayas.


From soothing cedar to invigorating juniper, each fragrance is carefully crafted to bring the essence of the Himalayan wilderness into their spaces.


It includes a chic terracotta holder designed to complement the natural ambiance of the Himalayan scents. The holder adds an elegant touch to the smudging rituals and enhances the visual appeal of the space.


Derived from natural ingredients, these Earthy Himalaya incense fragrances are known for their calming and balancing effects.


Create a serene atmosphere for meditation, yoga, or relaxation, and embrace the tranquillity of the Himalayan wilderness.


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